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Why I’m ‘Rewearing’ This Year

by notsomousybrown

Rewearing ClothesOne of my goals for 2020 was to buy less clothes. Last year, I realised that I had bought a lot of new clothes that I didn’t actually get to wear that often. So I thought, what is the point in buying new all the time when I have lots of clothes I love already? Rewearing outfits is my chosen style for 2020 and I wanted to share the benefits I’ve had so far of buying less and rewearing more!

Before I decided to stop buying lots of new clothes, I decided to have a wardrobe clear-out. All the clothes I didn’t keep either went to charity or were sold. When I was able to have a good look at each item in my wardrobe, it helped me to narrow down the kinds of clothes I liked to wear and embrace my style. Knowing that the clothes I kept were clothes I really liked has meant that I’ve worn them more, so I’ve found that rewearing has made me make the most of my wardrobe. I definitely appreciate the clothes I have more and so won’t feel the need to buy as much.

Rewearing Clothes An obvious benefit of rewearing is saving money. Buying clothes and shoes can definitely add up and, as I’m trying to save more this year, buying less clothes has definitely helped. This wouldn’t stop me buying something if I needed it though, and the occasional item here or there won’t break the bank.

Another thing I want to try and be is more sustainable. If I buy a lot of clothes that I don’t wear, and then end up getting rid of them, this isn’t the best for the environment. Knowing what I have and what I need means that I won’t be wasteful, but will also save me time with not having to constantly sort out my wardrobe!

Rewearing Clothes In these photos, I’m embracing the basics with mom jeans that I’ve had for a while, a black chenille jumper and black boots. Rewearing items has led me to think differently about some of my clothes and create new outfits that I wouldn’t have worn before. I feel more creative and resourceful being able to use what I already own to make new outfits that can work in any season.

If you’re thinking of doing the same as me and rewearing more this year, I would say start with the basics! It’s amazing how many outfits you can create from just a few items. I wrote a post about styling basic jumpers earlier this year which gives a few ideas about how you can style one item in different ways. Let me know if you try rewearing this year and if you find any benefits like I did!

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