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Two Years Of Blogging

by notsomousybrown

A few weeks ago, my blog turned two years old, and I completely missed it as I couldn’t believe I’d been blogging for that long. Taking a look back at the post I wrote after one year of blogging, I realised I’ve learnt a lot more and changed how I go about blogging. To mark two years of blogging, I thought I’d share the changes I’ve made over the past year that I think have improved my overall blogging experience.

For starters, I can definitely see an improvement in how I take and edit blog photos compared to older posts. I think less is more when it comes to indoor flatlay photos, so I try not to clutter them with too many items. Colour is also something I pay more attention to, so I make sure that the colours in photos work well together. I used to edit photos in a very basic way by brightening or enhancing them, but I now use the free version of Photoshop, which goes into a lot more detail and has improved the quality of my images.

One thing that has stayed very similar over the year is my Instagram. I still post regularly and use relevant hashtags, as well as keep an Instagram story going (mostly) all the time. My biggest change is how I use Twitter for blogging. Scheduling tweets was something I hadn’t really considered before, but now I take the time to do it, I’ve found that it’s improved engagement with my posts. Also, tweeting more in general has helped me to interact with other bloggers and keep an eye on their posts too. I was still pretty unsure about Pinterest a year ago, but now it has to be one of my favourite socials to use! I love pinning all the time and I’ve managed to grow my following, as well as direct other users towards my blog by pinning my posts.

Blogging takes hard work and requires consistency, and having more of a plan of what I’m going to post and when has helped to give me a sense of achievement when I get things done! A big lesson I learnt was to take breaks too, as these breaks have always made me feel more creative afterwards, making creating blog content much easier.

I’m so glad I’m still enjoying blogging and I can’t wait to keep creating more content! Seeing how I’ve improved my skills over the past year is all the more incentive to keep going and to find out what else I can learn.

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