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Tresemmé Moisture Rich Range

by notsomousybrown

For a long time I’d been using the same shampoo and conditioner and didn’t really have anything to compare it to. I’d been sticking to what I knew without really thinking about trying something new. That’s until I tried the mini versions of Tresemmé’s Moisture Rich Shampoo and Conditioner when I needed mini hair care products for travelling. I thought that the products were so good for my hair that I had to buy the full-sized versions and make a change to my hair wash routine!

The first thing I noticed after using the shampoo and conditioner was how silky and soft they left my hair. Usually the ends of my hair can feel dry, which can weigh down my hair and make it look flat. With the Tresemmé products, even the ends of my hair felt soft after blow drying, and I found that my hair had a lot more volume compared to before. I was surprised at how much of a change it made to my hair even after one wash!

A shampoo and conditioner that smell good is definitely important, and I really like the fresh, clean scent of the Tresemmé duo. I instantly preferred it to the products I was using before so I knew that buying the full size products would be worth it. The shampoo especially has a silky consistency which feels really smooth when it’s rubbed into my hair, and the thick texture of both products is really good for my fine hair.

Something I’ve really noticed since using Tresemmé’s shampoo and conditioner is the amount of hair in my hairbrush has reduced a lot, meaning that the products are really working to strengthen my hair! I wouldn’t have thought a change in my shampoo and conditioner would make that happen, so I’ve definitely been pleasantly surprised.

If you’ve been using the same hair products for a long time and you’re feeling like trying something new, I’d say it’s definitely worth having a go! The Tresemmé Moisture Rich range is one I’d recommend, especially if you want to strengthen fine hair like I did. The mini versions of the products are a great way of testing them out to start with, and at just £1.50 (at Superdrug) they’re definitely worth a try!

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