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Transitioning H&M Basic Tops For The Autumn

by notsomousybrown
H&M Basic Tops

September is always an awkward month when it comes to fashion, as the temperature can be all over the place and it’s hard to know what to wear. This time of year is perfect for making the most of my entire wardrobe, and I think basics are a must for transitioning and layering. Over the summer, I loved H&M’s basic tops and t-shirts and I want to make the most of their versatility this season too. I thought I’d share 3 different ways I’m styling H&M basic tops for the transitional period, bringing pastel colours with me into September!

H&M Basic Tops

For my first outfit, I wanted to style this powder pink jersey t-shirt for the autumn with layers and boots rather than the white jeans I wore it with in the summer. The t-shirt is brilliant value at just £3.99 and says “love” in tiny writing on one side. Here, I paired the t-shirt with this grey blazer-style jacket from Topshop (as I think it works well with the pink), black jeans from H&M and my black heeled boots from Pull&Bear. I think the black jeans and boots help to make the outfit look transitional, whilst also meaning that the t-shirt can be dressed up and worn both day and night.

My next outfit actually includes the same t-shirt as the first, just in a different colour. I loved the t-shirt’s design and fit so thought I’d get it in two different colours. This white jersey t-shirt really is one of the most versatile items in my wardrobe, and here I wore it with striped jeans from Pull&Bear, a faux leather jacket from Topshop and neutral trainers, also from Pull&Bear. I think it’s nice to wear a mix of boots and trainers at this time of year, and a pair of trainers this colour really do go with just about anything!

H&M Basic Tops

For my final outfit, I thought I’d bring a bit of colour into the autumn by styling this purple sweatshirt. It’s currently out of stock on H&M’s website, but there are lots of other colours that I think would all work well as a transitional piece. Here, I paired the sweatshirt with black jeans from H&M and my Converse, as again these are a pair of shoes that go with everything. I think this outfit is ideal for that in between weather when I’m not sure what to wear, as a t-shirt can be worn under the sweatshirt if it’s a little chillier.

H&M basic tops are items that I’ve always loved to have in my wardrobe as they are both good value and versatile. I think bringing a bit of colour into transitional outfits is a good way of keeping the summer a little bit alive into September, as I’m not quite ready to go full chunky knits and big coats just yet!

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Natonya 7th October 2020 - 9:54 pm

That purple sweatshirt is the perfect shade for autumn instead of the darker tone! The striped trousers are great neutral to wear instead of the typical blue jeans too. Thanks for the style update, I’m going to try some new looks with my fall fashion.


notsomousybrown 19th October 2020 - 5:54 pm

Thank you! I wanted to try some different tones for Autumn and I think these outfits changed up my wardrobe!


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