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The Further Single Review

by notsomousybrown

It’s always great to come across a band that is talented, hardworking and who produce mesmerising music and captivating music videos. The Further are a new three piece from Derbyshire, made up of bandmates Peter Backler, Barrington Molé and James Dowse. Describing their sound as “music that stirs the mind as well as the soul”, the band have recently released a new single, “The Other Side of the Valley”, which does exactly that. It’s not the usual upbeat, fast-paced song I would normally listen to, but without a doubt it has opened my eyes to a different style of song that I can enjoy listening to.

The track begins with distinct guitar patterns that instantly give the song a calming feel. I like that the vocals are slow and soft, allowing you to clearly hear every word of the story that the song tells. The lyrics are simple yet full of meaning and it’s not difficult to hear the emotion that was put into writing the song. To accompany the guitar riffs, the track includes delicate percussion, mellow violins and a dramatic drum roll towards the end, which leads to a creative instrumental that serves to demonstrate the talent for songwriting and producing that the band has.

If you’re listening to the song for the first time, I’d recommend listening on YouTube, as the music video is equally as impressive and atmospheric as the song itself. It was shot in Norway by Andre Hope and includes beautiful imagery of snow-covered landscapes, pine trees and steep valleys. The quality of the video is excellent; the attention to detail is made clear when the camera turns to show snow falling and you’re able to see each flake in the air. Listening to the lyrics of the song, you’ll notice that the video works perfectly alongside it, and both the song and video will help to give you an insight into another world, as well as sharing the feelings and emotions that are behind the song.

Hopefully the band will continue to produce captivating tunes like this one and we’ll hear more of what they can do in the near future. You can listen to “The Other Side of the Valley” by The Further on their Soundcloud here or on their YouTube (where you’ll find that stunning video) here.

*Photos courtesy of The Further.

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