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Taking Breaks

by notsomousybrown

Whether I liked it or not, there was a lot of time last year where I took breaks from blogging. I think the biggest break I took was at the end of last year, when I had a busy spell at work combined with the Christmas season. At the time, I was really down on myself for taking that break, as I knew it would affect my blog views and my flow of writing posts. Despite that, I knew in reality that if I had put posts on, they wouldn’t have been up to the standard I wanted them to be, as I was in a bit of a creative rut and needed time to think about what I wanted to write about.

So, I left my blog for about a month and didn’t post, with an aim to start the new year with a blog plan and to get back to writing again. Now, I’m so happy I made that decision! Taking a break gave me the time to think about my content creation and I managed to plan out posts in no time at all. I had a clear head and I’ve started the new year with lots of ideas, and without the break I took I don’t think that would’ve happened. I changed the logo, layout and colours on my blog at the start of this year as well (which I’m now very happy with) and starting afresh in 2018 really helped me to make those creative decisions.

It’s easy to become frustrated with yourself if you don’t feel productive everyday, but now I realise that taking breaks now and then can have much longer term benefits. Even taking breaks throughout the day to make a cup of tea and just relax can leave you feeling ready to go again. This year, I want to have a better balance of working and breaks, because I think it will help me to be more focused when I’m at work or working on my blog and I will enjoy the times I have to relax without feeling guilty.

(P.s I would highly recommend the book in my photo – great tips for whatever stage of blogging you’re at!)

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Dheandra Nicolette 6th February 2018 - 8:31 pm

I agree, sometimes you need to take a break. And we must realize that we shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves if we do. Things happen and sometimes the time away instills the best inspiration and motivation in us to continue.


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