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Styling HIIT Activewear For Exercise

by notsomousybrown
HIIT Activewear

When it comes to exercise and fitness, I’m very inconsistent with motivation. Sometimes I really feel like doing some exercise, and other times I really can’t find the motivation. What I do know is that I always feel better after I’ve done a workout, and what I was lacking was some good activewear to exercise in. I chose to try HIIT activewear, an ASOS brand that provides sportswear that is much more affordable than some of the other brands on their website. Styling some lovely, comfortable activewear has definitely helped with my motivation, so I thought I’d share what I think about the pieces I chose.

The first item I styled here are the HIIT logo leggings in black, the comfiest pair of sports leggings I’ve had so far. They’re not too tight which is good for easy movement when exercising, and I think they’re really stylish with the big logo down the side of one leg. I like that the leggings are high waist as this is what I find most comfortable, plus I found that they’re really true to size.

The leggings work brilliantly with the HIIT logo sports bra in matching black. The sports bra comes down quite low which makes it comfortable, and again it’s not too tight so easy to move around in. I like that it’s quite open at the back as this is good when the weather’s warmer, and it means that I don’t feel restricted in movement when doing a workout.

HIIT Activewear

I like to have layers when it comes to sportswear, so I chose this HIIT taped vest to go over the sports bra. I stuck with the black so that it all matches, and the vest fits perfectly over the bra. It’s slim fitting without being really tight, and I love the racer back which is ideal for exercise.

The final item I wanted was something to wear if I’m exercising when it’s cold, as the temperature can definitely put me off sometimes. I chose this lovely HIIT signature hoodie which I managed to get in the sale, another brilliant layer that works well with the other items. The hoodie is so comfy and I’ve been wearing it even when I’m not exercising, and I think it’s an excellent price for the quality.

I’m a big fan of HIIT activewear and I’d recommend it if you’re looking to change up your sportswear at an affordable price. HIIT have a brilliant range of products depending on your style, with different colours to choose from and items that match perfectly. This activewear definitely gives me more motivation to exercise and it’s always nice to style something a bit different too!

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