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One Year Of Blogging

by notsomousybrown

On the 22nd September last year, I decided that it was finally time to launch my blog. After a few months of working on the appearance of my website, planning what I was going to blog about and setting up social media accounts, I stepped into the world of blogging. Having my own blog has really opened up my eyes to the hard work that it takes to maintain a blog. I have learnt so much about blogging in just one year and I wanted to share some of the things that I’ve learnt!

Firstly, I’ve learnt that taking high quality blog photos takes time. It’s all about having a combination of good lighting, the right props and taking photos that will engage readers. Another thing that takes a lot of time is choosing which photos to use on my blog and then editing those photos and making sure that they’re all the right size for my theme. Luckily, taking photos is something I enjoy and it’s a good feeling to be proud of the photos that I’ve taken and edited.

Having a blog has taught me a lot about social media and how best to use different platforms to receive engagement. Despite all of Instagram’s recent changes, my Instagram account has been the social media channel that has grown the most for me. As it has changed in the course of a year I have learnt certain tricks to maximise engagement, for example keeping a regular Instagram story going (it really works) and only using relevant hashtags. When it comes to Twitter, I have learnt that interacting with others really helps when it comes to receiving engagement and it’s also a great way of discovering other people’s blogs. My Facebook page has definitely grown the slowest out of all my social media platforms, but I’ve found that it’s been a good way of sharing my posts with people I know outside of blogging. Then there’s Pinterest, the platform that was totally new to me a year ago. I’m still learning new things about Pinterest and might have to do a separate post on what I’ve learnt!

The final thing I’ve learnt about blogging is that hard work really does pay off. Blog views and engagement aren’t just going to come out of nowhere; working hard on content and social media interaction is the way to see good results. I’ve found that posts that I’ve worked the hardest on have often had the best reaction when it comes to blog views and comments, and there’s no better feeling than seeing a post I’ve worked hard on being read by other people.

I’ve really enjoyed the experience of blogging in my first year and I look forward to creating lots more content in the future, as well as (hopefully) watching my blog continue to grow!

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