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Nivea Men Sensitive Range Review *

by notsomousybrown

As today is Father’s Day, I wanted to share something for my dad in today’s post. I can find it tricky sometimes to think of things to buy my dad for Father’s Day or birthdays, and something I don’t usually think of are pampering products for men. The Nivea Men Sensitive range is the perfect gift for any man in your life, and I love how affordable and high quality the range is. As I was kindly sent these products to test, I thought I’d give them to my dad, brother (Harry) and boyfriend (Liam) to try and see what they thought. So, instead of me writing today’s review, I’ve handed it over to them, and here’s what they thought of the Nivea Men Sensitive products!

Nivea Men Sensitive RangeNivea Men Sensitive One Stroke Shave Gel *

Tested by Liam: “I found that the shaving gel made shaving a lot easier. It really helped to prevent me cutting my face when shaving, even in the tricky areas. I only ever have short stubble and the gel was good for getting rid of even the shortest hairs with ease. I quickly realised that I didn’t need to use a lot of the product for it to be effective, so I know that it’ll last a long time. After using the gel, my skin felt much smoother and wasn’t irritated at all from shaving. I would definitely buy this myself as it’s an affordable price for a good quality product.”

Nivea Men Sensitive RangeNivea Men Sensitive Intensive Moisturising Cream-Gel *

Tested by Dad: “This product made my skin feel cool and hydrated, especially around the eye area. I like the smell of the moisturiser and it’s not too overpowering. I was impressed by this product as someone who doesn’t usually use moisturiser and it definitely made my skin feel smoother. I will be continuing to use this moisturiser to look after my skin more.”

Tested by Harry: “I found that I only had to use a small amount of this moisturiser to cover my whole face, so it’ll definitely last a long time even though the pot is small. It made my skin feel more relaxed after using it, and I could feel that my face was softer too.”

Nivea Men Sensitive RangeNivea Men Sensitive Shower Gel *

Tested by Dad: “This shower gel feels really refreshing after a hard day’s work. It felt smooth on my skin and kept it feeling this way for a long time afterwards. I will definitely continue to use it and would buy it myself, and would definitely recommend it to others.”

Tested by Harry: “I think it’s really useful because I don’t have to use a separate shampoo and shower gel, which saves money. The big bottle means that it’ll last a long time and I think it smells good too.”

Nivea Men Sensitive Face Wash *

Tested by Liam: “As someone who didn’t really have a skincare routine before, I would highly recommend this face wash to anyone wanting to take more care of their skin. Again with this product, I found that I didn’t need to use a lot of product to wash my whole face. After using the face wash, my skin felt soft and hydrated and I could immediately feel the difference. I think the face wash smells good and it kept my skin feeling clean and smooth into the next day, so I will definitely continue to use it daily.”

I really enjoyed making this post and having my family test out these products. I’m really glad they liked using them and will continue to use them, as I think they’re all brilliant products at affordable prices!

* All products starred in this post are PR products sent to me by Nivea as I am part of the Nivea Family.

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