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My Favourite Gold Winter Makeup Products

by notsomousybrown

Winter is the perfect time of year to go glitzy and gold with my makeup. I’ve always loved gold as a colour for different makeup items, especially gold eyeshadows to create evening makeup looks. As we’re now getting well into Winter and approaching December, I think it’s time to go gold with my makeup and experiment with different looks. I thought I’d share some of my favourite gold Winter makeup products, all perfect for adding a bit of glitz to your makeup and nails at this time of year!

Gold Winter Makeup

1 – Lily Lolo Eyeshadow Palettes (£21.00)

For a few years now, my favourite eyeshadow palettes have been from Lily Lolo, and they aren’t short of golden shades of eyeshadow this year. I’ve been using the Pedal To The Metal palette to create shimmery, golden and bronze looks, and the shades are ideal for making a statement in the evening. The other eye palette that I love is the Opulence Eye Palette which was a limited edition from last Christmas. The shades are mostly golden and, when blended together, can create really bold eyes. For something similar, Lily Lolo’s Golden Hour or Bronze Age eye palettes both have plenty of lovely golden shades, and I’ve definitely got my eye on both!

Gold Winter Makeup

2 – Lily Lolo Natural Lipstick – Rose Gold (£9.50)

I was a bit sceptical at first about this Rose Gold lipstick shade from Lily Lolo, as it was different to any colour I’d used before. The lipstick looks quite orange but, when applied to the lips, it doesn’t come out that way at all! The lipstick gave my lips a lovely shimmer and was subtle enough to wear in the daytime. The colour is a nice balance of pink and gold and, when applied more heavily, it creates glossy lips that are perfect for a Winter evening out.

3 – L’Oreal Paris Pure Gold Glitter Effect Lipstick Topper

A limited edition item from last Christmas, L’Oreal’s Pure Gold Lipstick Topper is a product that really makes a statement. It can be applied over any lipstick shade to add a gold, glittery effect to lips. I love using this product to add a little more to my makeup if I’m out on a Winter evening. As this lipstick topper was a limited edition and isn’t available at the moment, I’ve found this L’oreal Color Riche Gold Obsession Lipstick that would create a very similar bold, golden lip look.

Gold Winter Makeup

4 – Revolution Glitter Nail Polish – Twinkle (£5.00)

There’s no better time of year to go glittery with nails, and the ultimate gold, glittery nail product is this Revolution shade in Twinkle. For a glittery nail varnish, it’s so easy to apply and I was surprised at how quickly it dried too. Whether you want an accent gold nail or a full glittery set, this nail varnish is the perfect pick for golden nails. It’s not the easiest to take off as with any glitter varnish, but it takes a lot for it to chip and will keep nails looking gold and sparkly for a long time.

Do you have any gold Winter makeup items that you love to use?

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