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My 5 Steps For Creating A Lifestyle Blog Post

by notsomousybrown

As I’ve got a lot more consistent with my blogging, I’ve got into a good routine when it comes to creating blog posts. There are so many steps when it comes to creating a lifestyle blog post, steps that I wouldn’t have necessary thought of until I started blogging myself. I often like to do things in bulk if I can, whether that’s bulk writing posts or taking lots of photos in one go. I wanted to share the 5 steps that I take to create a lifestyle blog post and how I try to do each in bulk so that I don’t get overwhelmed!

Lifestyle Blog Post

Step 1 – Planning: The first step I always take when creating blog content is planning what I’m actually going to write about. I usually plan around two months in advance if I can and think of a new post to go up each weekend. As well as planning posts, I also plan social media content, especially Instagram as this is where I post most regularly. Planning so far ahead helps me to bulk produce content in the next steps and it means that I can include a good variety of content too.

Step 2 – Writing: Once I have a plan in place, I like to start getting my posts written up. If I can I like to write a few at a time, not worrying about photos yet. I like to start by just getting posts typed up and then dealing with the editing and rereading later, as this means I’m just focusing on one thing at a time. I think I’ve got used to my own style of writing now, changing how I write slightly depending on the category (for example, my fashion posts often come out shorter than the rest but with more photos).

Step 3 – Photos: This third step is about taking photos only and not skipping to editing them just yet. I find it much better to bulk take photos, as it’s a lot less time consuming. I split my photos into indoor flatlays, outfit photos and general outdoor photos, and I find that taking lots of outfits and flatlays in one go is the best way to do it. I use my blog and Instagram plan to help me with this, and once I’m done I have plenty of different photos to work with.

Step 4 – Editing & Rereading: This step can take a bit of time, as editing photos in bulk does take a while. I still think doing it all at once is the best way to do it, as it’s a day’s job rather than taking a bit of every day. Once all the photos for one post are edited, I put them into the post where I want them, including some single images and some gallery posts (where the images are side by side). In this step I also reread and edit the writing part of the blog post and make sure I haven’t made any mistakes.

Step 5 – Social Media: This last step is an important one because sharing my posts on social media is how I make sure they get seen. I share new content on my Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook page, all straight after a new post has gone live. To bulk prepare social media content, I save draft posts on Instagram so they’re ready to go. Also, I use Hootsuite to schedule tweets for the whole week, meaning I can automatically share my new post all week as well as content from previous weeks.

I hope this 5 step guide to creating a lifestyle blog post will help you if you’re thinking of starting a lifestyle blog or want a fresh approach to content creation. These steps all done in bulk work best for me and mean that I can stay consistent with my blog posts, something which I definitely think I’ve improved on!

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