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by notsomousybrown

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I spent the weekend in Paris. It was our first trip away together so we wanted to make sure it was really memorable. As it was my first time visiting Paris, I wanted to see all the tourist hotspots that the city has to offer, and we started the weekend with a trip to the Louvre Museum. The famous glass pyramid is something I’ve always wanted to see and, despite the rain, I managed to take a few snaps of the magnificent structure.

Surprisingly, tickets to take a look around the Louvre are very reasonable (we paid just 17 Euros!) so we spent Saturday morning walking around the different exhibitions. We entered the museum through the Louvre Pyramid and saw the beautiful golden statue that can be seen from outside through the glass. Having seen how large the museum was, we decided that map reading could be tricky, so we wandered around the Louvre in the hope we wouldn’t get lost!

I think the true scale of the museum became clearer when we went inside, as there were so many different rooms leading off different flights of stairs with all sorts of interesting exhibitions to see. The helpful signposts throughout the museum made it clear where the more famous pieces, such as the Mona Lisa (see my Instagram highlight for a blurry photo!) and the Venus De Milo were located, so making our way round was easier than we thought.

My favourite part of the museum was the Greek and Roman artifacts (I studied Latin at school), as it was interesting to see all the ancient statues that had been standing for thousands of years. I was surprised at how many different periods of history and cultures were represented in the museum, with paintings and exhibitions from Europe and beyond on display. I think for even someone who isn’t interested in history, the Louvre is definitely worth a visit, as there’s such a range of interesting exhibitions to see and it’s a beautiful building to explore.

One piece of advice for a trip to the Louvre would be to wear flat shoes! I made the big mistake of walking round in heeled boots and, given the size of the building, it really wasn’t a good idea. Despite my aching feet, I really enjoyed visiting the museum and I was glad we decided to explore inside rather than just looking at it from the outside. I definitely think there’s something for everyone inside, even if museums aren’t your thing. My advice for visiting the Louvre during a weekend stay in Paris would be to choose which exhibitions to look at and don’t expect to see everything, as it really is a huge building!

Exploring inside the Louvre is an experience I’ll always remember and, given the cost, I’d say it’s excellent value for money! Even if you’re planning just a weekend trip to Paris, the Louvre should definitely be on your list of things to do. We booked our tickets to the Louvre in advance, which worked really well as we skipped much of the large queues into the museum, so I’d definitely recommend this if you’re planning a visit.

For more information about the Louvre and to book tickets, take a look at their website here!

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