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Lake Como Photo Diary

by notsomousybrown

Lake ComoLake ComoWith the town of Como being just half an hour by train from Milan, we took the opportunity to visit Lake Como during our trip to the city. Despite Milan Central station being a bit of a nightmare to navigate, we eventually found our train and, once in Como, we managed to find our way around easily. As soon as we were in Como, the first thing we wanted to do was head to the lake and enjoy having a break from the hustle and bustle of Milan.

I’d seen lots of photos of Lake Como before, but seeing it in person was a completely different experience. The lake really is beautiful, even on a cold, foggy day. Because the lake is so vast, there weren’t too many people around and we were able to take in the views and really relax. It was lovely to take the walkway that went onto the lake and be surrounded by the water, even though there was a bit of a cold breeze!

Lake ComoLake ComoLake ComoAs we were only spending the day at Lake Como, we didn’t take a boat around the lake, but instead explored the town of Como and stopped for a late lunch. The most interesting site to see was the Duomo di Como, the town’s beautiful cathedral that’s not too far from the lake itself. We were able to go inside the cathedral and had to be silent as we walked around. It was worth going inside to see the amazing gold and blue ceiling and pretty stain glass windows.

Wandering around Como, we came across picturesque buildings and streets that provided lots of photo opportunities, as well as some lovely cafés that looked really welcoming. We made sure we stopped off at a café before we left Como so we could try out some Italian coffee – safe to say it didn’t disappoint!Before we took the train back to Milan, we went back to the lake just as all the lights were coming on as it grew dark. The lights looked beautiful shining on Lake Como and it was really relaxing to just sit and take in the views. If it had been warmer, sitting by the lake with a drink in hand would’ve been the perfect end to a lovely day.

If you’re planning a city break in Milan (I posted all about what to do in the city here), I’d definitely dedicate a day to visiting Lake Como. It was so easy for us to get there and back by train, and seeing the lake is an experience I’ll never forget. I think if I ever go to Lake Como again (which I’d love to!), I’ll go when the weather’s a bit warmer and take a boat ride to explore different towns around the lake, as I’m sure they’re equally as beautiful as Como.

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