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Ikea Spring Haul

by notsomousybrown

I don’t think I’ve ever walked out of IKEA without buying a cluster of items that I probably don’t need. The temptation to buy pretty much everything in store is high, so it’d be hard to walk away without picking up a thing or two each time I go. Recently, I decided that my room was in need of a bit of a revamp and some of the old picture frames, posters and ornaments could do with being replaced. Here’s what I managed to pick up last time I went to IKEA, all without spending a fortune.

Postcards or art cards are a great way of decorating a bedroom. These art cards that I chose are just the colours I was looking for, and the simple designs are perfect for a minimalist style. At just £1.00 for a pack of 8, the cards are good quality and are unlikely to rip. To go with the art cards, I picked up some different sized white frames, and though I had to trim the cards to fit in the smaller frames, they still look really stylish and the full design can still be seen.

There’s no such thing as too many candles, and with these ones being just 85p, I couldn’t resist a strawberry and vanilla scented candle. These little candles come in all different colours and scents so it’s easy to find a colour that fits in any room. They all smell lovely for the price and I’m reluctant to burn them as they look really pretty in their glass jars.

To go with the candles, I found a candle dish, although that’s probably not what I’ll use it for. The plate could be really useful as a jewellery dish or (for bloggers) it’s great for using on Instagram or in blog photos as a background. The last item I put in the bag on my way round to the checkout was this artificial plant, a bargain at just £3.00. The white and yellow daisies nicely brighten up any room and the fact that it will last all year round means that it’s excellent value for money. I put the plant in a white plant pot that I already had, and I think as far as artificial plants go this one looks quite realistic.

If you want to get your hands of any of these items and add decoration to your room for less than £10.00, here’s where you’ll find them:

Art Cards

White Frames (similar)

Scented Candles

Candle Dish

Artificial Plant

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Olivia 14th May 2017 - 8:37 pm

I love IKEA so much and I really need to pop back and pick some bits up. Your blog template is so gorgeous by the way!
-Olivia Xxx


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