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by notsomousybrown

img_3081img_3073For many interior lovers, Ikea is the dream. I can spend a whole day browsing the furniture, kitchen gadgets and bits for the home and I’ll always come back with multiple items which I may or may not need. I love that you can find loads of stylish, matching items for great prices and even if you’re looking to buy a lot on a budget, you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank.

My recent trip to the Swedish furniture store produced another haul to add to my bedroom, which could already function as an Ikea showroom (no shame). From frames and pots to plants and clocks, I wasn’t short of brilliantly priced interior pieces to choose from.

I’m not much of a morning person so an alarm clock is a must for me. I love the retro look of this clock, and for just £4.50 it works perfectly. Another morning essential is my flamingo glass, the ideal size for a small cold drink. There are plenty of designs to choose from and I’m tempted to go back and get my hands on some more – after all, they are only 50p!

img_3079img_3076img_3090My desk was in serious need of a revamp, so I went for matching off-white pots, one for a plant and one to hold pens and pencils. The plant itself is also from Ikea; I jumped at the opportunity of getting hold of an artificial one so I wouldn’t have to worry about watering it (I would recommend this for anyone at uni). Postcards are another easy way to add a pop of colour to a room. I bought some white frames to put these postcards in and they definitely made all the difference! The final thing I needed was a notebook and this one was just right. At £2, it’s lined and has plenty of space to make notes to help keep me organised.

I love that everything I bought is excellent value for money and the quality isn’t compromised by the price. If you like the look of any of the items I chose, the links to buy some of them are below!

Black Alarm Clock

Flamingo Glass

Off- White Plant Pot

Off-White Candle Holder

Artificial Potted Plant


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