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by notsomousybrown

Thinking of new blog post ideas isn’t always the easiest task. Sometimes the ideas don’t come to me straight away and I start to worry that I’ll have nothing to write about. When this happens, I find it best to think about the different categories of blog post that I write. I think about one category at a time and decide how I’m going to go about coming up with new content for that category. I thought I’d share some of the ways I come up with new post ideas for each of the categories on my blog and hopefully this will help if you’re ever having a creative block (as I sometimes do)!


Recently, I’ve started to look at popular trends for each season to help me plan outfit posts. I often have outfits that match some of these trends already, so I can make my fashion posts current. The trends also help me to think about how I want to update my wardrobe when I’m out clothes shopping, as I can look for clothes that match the trends to use as outfit posts on my blog.


For my beauty category, I like to talk about the products I am using right now and give an honest review of what I think of them. Each time I try something new beauty-wise, that’s immediately a blog post idea! Also, if I change something about a beauty routine, for example my haircare routine (read here), I’ll always write about that and say how the change has made a difference for me.


This is definitely the category I find the most difficult to plan for, as it can cover quite a broad range of topics. I first think about what is happening in my life right now and how I could use it to give people advice on a topic, for example buying a car for the first time. I also love posts about interiors, so if I have a bedroom revamp or a new haul of homeware, I’ll plan that into my lifestyle category.


Blogging was a recent addition to my site, and I use the category to talk about anything I have learnt through having a blog. If I learn something new about anything blog related, I’ll make a note of it and see if I can work it into a post. I like to talk about my personal blogging experiences too (like in this post), so I think about how I’m running my blog and think of posts relating to what I’m doing right now.

Out and About

I really like writing posts for this category and sharing my experience of visiting different places. If I visit somewhere for a few days, for example when I went to Paris, I sometimes think of 2 or 3 blog posts to do with my trip. This nicely fills up my category and gives me a chance to share the photos that I take too. If I haven’t got any trips planned, a travel bucket list or travel essentials type post are also great for mixing up this category.

So, next time I’m having a creative block, I’m going to come back to this post and not worry about it. My top tips would be to look at the news and see what’s happening right now in the topics you blog about. Also, think about new products that you try or events in your life that you can write about. After writing this post, I hopefully won’t have to worry about thinking up new content!

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