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How To Relax On A Flight

by notsomousybrown

Relax On A FlightI am not in any way a fan of getting on a plane. Just the thought of it makes me feel worried and, knowing I’ll be getting on a plane this year, I want to try and control how I feel about it. Being relaxed on a flight is something I want to achieve so that I can see more of the world without the worry. I thought I’d share some of the ways I’m going to try and relax the next time I get on a flight and I’m hoping they’ll work when I travel again.

Having Distractions

Being sat on a plane and thinking about not being on the ground is not a good feeling, so having something else to focus on is what I’ll make sure I have. Listening to music, reading a book or watching a film if I can would be good distractions for me and would take my mind off it. If I’m doing something that I find relaxing normally, it should make me feel more relaxed when I’m travelling too.

Being Comfortable

I think that no one will judge you for what you’re wearing at an airport, so having comfies on for my next flight is a must. Wearing something that I feel comfortable in and that reminds me of lounging at home will make the experience seem more familiar. It might mean that I can have a sleep too, and that seems like a good way to make a flight go by quicker, especially if I’ve had an early morning start!


Paying a little extra to sit next to someone I know on a plane is something I’m more than happy to do. It’s another way to make flying feel more familiar and having someone with me who can reassure me is a good idea. I read that having an aisle seat is best for nervous flyers too as it means you can have better access to the cabin crew and toilets without having to worry about barging past people. Also, if you’re like me and don’t like heights, being away from a window means you don’t have to see how high up you are!

Relax On A FlightRemembering Why I’m Flying

I’ve shared some photos from places I’ve been to recently in this post as it’s a reminder for me that flying is a good thing. It means I can see places around the world that I wouldn’t be able to otherwise. Remembering why I’m on the plane in the first place might help me to relax next time, as I know I’ll be going somewhere worth exploring and making memories that I’ll never forget.

With all of this in mind, I’m hoping I can really relax on my next flight. There’s nothing worse than worrying about something that’s supposed to be good like going on a holiday, so hopefully these simple tips will make flying a better experience for me and anyone else who doesn’t enjoy flying! To read about some of the places I’ve been to recently, take a look at some of my other travel posts here.

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