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How I Style: Floral Summer Dresses

by notsomousybrown
Floral Summer Dresses

One of my favourite items to style in the summer is a floral dress. They’re the perfect piece for casual daytime wear and are my go to on the hottest days. Towards the end of the summer last year, I invested in two new floral dresses, and I’ve had a lot more time this year to style and wear them. So, to end my ‘How I Style’ series, here are two ways I style floral dresses for the summer to create daytime looks.

For my first outfit, I wanted to style my favourite floral dress, this orange number from Pull&Bear last year. I love the short, puff sleeves and wide neckline, and this was a style of dress that I’d never really worn before. Here, I simply paired the dress with my sandals from New Look, as these go with just about anything and work well for a casual look. Finished off with my sunglasses on my head (as they always are throughout the summer!), this is an outfit that I’ve loved wearing over the last few months as I’ve headed out more post lockdown.

Floral Summer Dresses

My second outfit is this floral red sundress from ASOS. I’ll be honest, I really wasn’t sure about this dress last year, but I’ve learnt to love it this year and I’m so glad. The bright red colour is something completely different for me and I really do love it now I’ve got used to it. Here, I wore the dress with my Converse to keep it really casual, but it can also be dressed up with heels if I want to. This is definitely a dress I’ll be wearing again next year as it’s perfect for making a statement on a hot day.

Floral summer dresses are a classic summer item that will always be a wardrobe must have for me. For the hottest days, they’re the perfect item to just throw on and are the ideal mix of comfort and style. They’re definitely pieces that I will miss wearing once the summer is over and I’m glad I could end my ‘How I Style’ series with my favourite dresses!

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