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Goals For This Year

by notsomousybrown

At the end of last year, I decided to take a planned break from blogging. I didn’t quite realise how long that break would last, but here I am in February with my first post of the year! I think it’s never too late to share the goals and plans that I have for the year, and this year I’ve tried to keep them as achievable as possible. If I write about my goals on my blog, it makes it more likely I’m going to stick with them, so I thought I’d share both my blogging and personal goals for 2019 on here to really get my blog back up and running.

Blogging Goals:

1 – Consistency – Towards the end of 2018 I was really consistent with my blog. I posted regularly and managed to keep my social accounts active too. If I can keep that up for most of 2019, I have no doubts that my blog will have grown again by the end of this year!

2 – Instagram – I have already started my Instagram goal and that is to try out a new style of photos. I’m really liking flatlays and text posts at the moment, so I’ve been including more of these styles of photo on my feed with less outfit shots (although I will still include these!). It takes the pressure off a little to take so many outfit photos.

3 – Less Pressure – If I make a plan for blog posts and Instagram photos, I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself to stick to it and feel disappointed if I don’t. Blogging is still my hobby and I want to try to remember that this year – it’s okay if life happens and I don’t post on Instagram every single day!

4 – Realistic Planning – I do like to have a blog and social media plan and I’m going to continue to plan in 2019. A realistic plan means that I feel a sense of achievement when I do what I had planned for the day, as well as making sure that I’m not expecting too much of myself when it comes to blogging.

5 – Interaction – Finding the time to support other bloggers by reading posts and commenting on content is something I really want to do this year. Seeing other bloggers’ content inspires me to keep creating content of my own, so I really want to show support by leaving a comment on a post that has inspired me.

Personal Goals:

1 – Exercise – this was one of my goals for the start of last year and I didn’t do as well as I wanted to with it. I’m going to keep it simple by aiming to go swimming once a week (as I really enjoy it) and exercising for free by walking in the countryside or doing exercises at home.

2 – Cooking – when it comes to cooking, I’m definitely not the most confident! This year I really want to try out some new recipes so that I can try something different at dinner time and improve my confidence in the kitchen.

3 – Adventure – I really love getting out and about and I’m really looking forward to exploring new places both at home and abroad in 2019. Making the most of the time I have off work by travelling somewhere new is something I really want to embrace if I can.

4 – Room Revamp – My room hasn’t really changed much for a few years now, so I’d really like to give it a makeover. Changing the colour scheme and investing in some new items for my bedroom will give it the fresh new look that it needs.

5 – Photos – I’m very good at remembering to take photos for my blog and Instagram, but I sometimes forget about taking personal photos that make the perfect memories. These photos are important for remembering things that happen throughout the year and I really want to make sure I have lots of photos by the end of the year.

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