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European Travel Bucket List

by notsomousybrown

During this long period of lockdown, I’ve realised how grateful I am to be able to travel in normal circumstances. Seeing and exploring different places is something I’ve done a lot more of over the past few years, and I feel lucky that I was able to go to North Cyprus in February this year.

As travel has not been possible since March, it’s really made me think about where I want to visit next when it’s safe to do so. When going abroad is safer, I’d like to keep it fairly close to home to start with and start ticking off some more places on my bucket list. So I thought I’d share 5 European travel destinations from my bucket list that I’d like to visit next as something to look forward to when the world is more normal.

1 – Greek Islands: I’ve always thought the Greek Islands are so beautiful and would make for the perfect escape. Santorini is a place I’d love to visit, with its pretty buildings and amazing views of the sea. I like the idea of visiting some of the bigger islands too, such as Rhodes and Corfu, as I think there’d be lots to do, lots to explore and plenty of places to eat! The Greek Islands sound like the ideal mix of relaxation and history, so they’re definitely at the top of my list.

2 – Rome, Italy: As someone whose favourite subject at secondary school was Latin (might come as a surprise to some!), Rome is somewhere I can’t wait to visit. With landmarks such as the famous Colosseum and Roman Forum to explore, I have no doubt I’d fully immerse myself in the ancient Roman history in the city. This is a city break I’ve been dreaming of for so long, and I hope that I’ll be able to go once it’s safe to.

3 – Copenhagen, Denmark: I like to have a good range on my European travel list, and Copenhagen would be somewhere I’d go outside of the Summer months if I could. The city’s most famous landmark is Nyhavn, a port lined with iconic multicoloured townhouses and wooden ships, popular with visitors all year round. I’d also love to explore some of Copenhagen’s gardens, such as the Tivoli Gardens and Botanical Gardens, as well as some of the many museums the city has to offer.

4 – The Netherlands: When Liam and I drove to Bruges in Belgium, I realised how easy it is (for him!) to drive to certain places in Europe. I can’t narrow down one place in The Netherlands I’d like to go, so a road trip of the country to see places other than Amsterdam, such as Rotterdam and Utrecht, would be a lovely experience. I’d need to do more research to see exactly where to go, but I’ve read that there are so many brilliant places to visit in the country, all drive-able from the UK if we take a few breaks.

5 – South of France: One of my Grandad’s favourite places to go on holiday was the South of France, so I’d like to follow in his footsteps and visit myself. Again this would be one Liam and I would perhaps consider as a longer roadtrip, as we could visit places such as Nice, Antibes and perhaps have a drive around Monaco too. Of course flying is a good option too, and I think the South of France would make for a lovely, relaxing holiday with its beautiful beaches and sea views.

Are there any places on your European travel list you’d like to visit once it’s safe to do so?

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