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Estrid Razor Review: My First Thoughts *

by notsomousybrown

The Estrid razor was a product that I had seen all over my Instagram and, with many good reviews, I was excited to try it. Estrid’s aim is to provide an affordable, cruelty-free razor that is made specifically for women’s shaving. They believe that shaving is a choice, as it absolutely should be, and the choice to shave should be made easy for women.

Estrid’s razor is designed in a way that it moves with the shape of the female body, making shaving comfortable and easy. The razor itself is vegan and cruelty free as it is made using only natural ingredients, including aloe vera and shea butter. As I was so onboard with what Estrid were aiming to achieve, I had high expectations of this razor – here are my first thoughts!

Estrid Razor

The first step in the Estrid journey is to receive a starter kit, which I was lucky enough to be sent by Estrid. I chose the ‘blush’ colour for my steel handle, and I was sent this along with a useful wall holder in the same pink colour and two razor cartridges to get me started. I like that Estrid works on a subscription basis and I’m able to choose whether I want to receive new cartridges once a month, every second month or every third month. For me, every second month is the best choice as I shave a few times a week. 4 new cartridges are £9.95, which I think is a great price especially as I can choose how often I order them.

Now onto the razor itself, does it live up to the hype? In my opinion, in short, yes! I was amazed at how flexible the razor is and it really does work well to shave as much or as little as I want. The main thing I noticed was that the razor didn’t irritate my skin at all and didn’t leave any red marks as some other razors do. It’s a really gentle razor whilst also doing the job brilliantly, and I’m amazed at the affordability of it as the quality is excellent. I love the wall holder too as it makes it so easy to just grab the razor and shave when I feel like it, or I can leave it looking nice on the wall when I don’t!

I think Estrid really are winning when it comes to making shaving a choice, but also making it easy if you do choose to shave. The razor is brilliant and I really would recommend it to anyone who shaves. I know I will be keeping topped up on Estrid cartridges from now on and the Estrid razor will keep its place on my bathroom wall for a while yet!

*The Estrid Starter Kit was a PR product that was kindly sent to me by Estrid.

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