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by notsomousybrown

During my week away in Cornwall a few weeks ago, I took a trip to the Eden Project. It was a rainy day and, with most of it being indoors, it made it the perfect day to visit somewhere I’d not been before. The main attractions of the Eden Project are its rainforest and Mediterranean biomes, which are equally stunning inside and out. The gardens outside of the biomes are beautiful too and I’d have explored them more if it hadn’t been pouring with rain!

My one piece of advice for visiting the Eden Project would be to get there early. We were stuck in a queue for quite a while to get into the car park because it was particularly busy that day. Once we were in though, we got straight into the Eden Project as we’d pre-booked our tickets and headed straight for the biomes. They really are amazing to see and photos don’t quite show just how big they are.

The Rainforest Biome

We started off by exploring the rainforest biome which is home to the largest indoor rainforest in the world. As we made our way around the biome, the path began to get higher and it took us right up into the trees. It was really interesting to be in amongst trees and flowers that I’d never seen before and we really did feel as though we were in a rainforest. The humidity in the biome was intense and as we got higher it became more and more humid. My advice for visiting the Eden Project would be to wear summery clothes or layers on a cold day, as jeans were not the most comfortable in this biome!

One of the most beautiful parts of the indoor rainforest was a waterfall near the top of the biome, definitely worth climbing to the top to see. There was also a wobbly rope bridge near the top which gave an amazing view of the rainforest (even though I was mainly concentrating on not falling over!)

The Mediterranean Biome

Once we’d recovered from the rainforest humidity, we headed into the Mediterranean biome. This biome was a lot less humid so we spent a bit more time taking photos inside. The swathes of beautiful, colourful flowers cascading over Mediterranean white walls made us feel like we were in Spain or Greece. The most impressive features were the huge tropical trees in the centre of the biome which almost reached the roof of the structure.

The Mediterranean biome is full of photo opportunities, perfect if you love snapping photos of flowers like I do. It was amazing to see plants from all over the world growing in one place and all so well maintained.

All in all, I would definitely recommend a day trip to the Eden Project if you’re in Cornwall, especially on a rainy day. Even though it’s quite pricey, I could justify the price of the ticket as the biomes are so different to anything I’ve seen before. The Eden Project is somewhere I’ve always wanted to go and I’m glad I took the opportunity to go whilst I was in Cornwall!

For more information about the Eden Project or to buy a ticket, visit their website here.

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