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Chenille And Stripes

by notsomousybrown

We’ve reached that time of year where we have to decide whether it’s t-shirt or jumper weather outside, or something in between. Finding things in my wardrobe that fit the ‘in between’ category can be tricky, so it was time to find a top that would work perfectly for when the weather is undecided. That’s when I found this chenille jumper from Pull&Bear – the perfect transition piece from Winter into Spring.

Whilst this looks like a thick jumper, it’s actually really lightweight, and the holes in the jumper work nicely to keep me cool. Chenille is my new favourite material for tops like this one, as it’s really soft and comfortable. Many chenille jumpers I’ve seen have been thick and made for the colder months, but I was surprised by how thin this one feels – just right for this time of year!

Here, I’ve paired the jumper with my stripy trousers and grey trainers, also both from Pull&Bear. I’ve been wanting to wear these trousers again for a while, and now it’s starting to get warmer I thought I’d bring them back out. I think the grey and white go nicely with the rusty colour of the jumper and the trainers keep the look really casual.

Because the jumper is quite baggy, I’d definitely say it’s one for a casual, daytime look, perfect with pair of jeans or leggings and trainers. Blue jeans work well with the jumper too and would add a bit of colour to the outfit, and I’ve worn the jumper with heeled boots to create a casual, evening look.

This jumper has proven to me that chenille can work for Spring, and a jumper with holes in is perfect for the in between weather we’ve had recently. There’s a very similar jumper to this one in the Pull&Bear sale here (just £15.99) in four different colours that are perfect for Spring. I’ll be taking every opportunity I can to give this outfit an outing over the next few months and hoping we won’t have to return to coat weather anytime soon!

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