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Champneys Beauty Favourites

by notsomousybrown
Champneys Beauty Favourites

It’s been a while since I last wrote a beauty round up, so I thought I’d write about a brand I’ve always loved – Champneys. Even though I’ve never been to a Champneys spa, their products are some of my favourite to use. The brand aims to bring the spa experience to your home and I think that’s exactly what they’ve achieved! Here’s a bit about some of the products I’ve been loving recently, all perfect for a pamper.

Champneys Harmonious Hands Hand CreamChampneys Harmonious Hands Hand Cream

The weather is definitely starting to become chillier, which means I’ll be relying on hand cream over the next few months. Champneys Harmonious Hands is a hand cream which is non-greasy and rubs in easily, and I love its lightweight texture. It leaves my hands feeling soft and just a little bit of cream does the job perfectly. The hand cream has lasted me a long time already so it’s excellent value for money. As the product isn’t brand new, it’s no longer available at Boots, but a lovely newer version is £10 from Boots here.

Champneys Calming Pillow Mist

Sometimes I find it hard to get off to sleep as I can’t always switch off for the night. I’d never used pillow mist before and wasn’t sure if it would work, but I wasn’t surprised when Champneys Calming Pillow Mist made a difference. The lavender scent is really relaxing and does make me feel like I’m ready to sleep. It can be sprayed on the pillow or in the room to create a peaceful sleeping environment. The pillow mist is £12 from Boots here, and I’d say that’s not a bad price as a bottle does last for a while.

Champneys Summer Dream Rewarding Body Soufflé Champneys Summer Dream Rewarding Body Soufflé

Champneys Summer Dream Rewarding Body Soufflé

Nothing says pamper like a lovely body moisturiser, and Champneys Body Soufflé is one of the best. I was immediately drawn to the Summer Dream collection and the moisturiser really does smell as good as it sounds. It has a refreshing, fruity scent and leaves skin feeling nourished. Like the hand cream, I love that it isn’t too greasy and the soft texture is kind to skin. The body soufflé is £10 from Boots here and comes in a brilliant big tub that looks lovely in any bathroom.

Champneys have a great range of products and collections at Boots at the moment here, and I know I’ll be trying out some more Champneys products in the future!

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