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Behind The Blog: 21 Facts About Me

by notsomousybrown

On 1st March I turned 21 and it turned out to be a day of snow, ice and wondering whether I’d ever get home from work! Despite all that, I had a lovely day and I was kindly gifted a three day weekend by the weather. To mark my arrival into “proper adulthood” (or not), I thought I’d share 21 facts about me that may or may not have taken me a while to think of!

  1. My middle name is Elizabeth which was my great nanny’s name (nothing to do with the Queen!)
  2. I’ve been a football fan since the day I was born and you’ll occasionally see me tweeting about the ups and downs of being a West Brom fan. And yes, I do know the offside rule.
  3. A few years ago I turned down a place at Warwick Uni to study Psychology as I decided an apprenticeship was best for me.
  4. My official delivery time at birth was over 36 hours – big well done to my mum.
  5. My favourite film is Cool Runnings and I’ve watched it enough times to be able to quote most of the film.
  6. My dream one day is to live near the sea – I couldn’t be further from it living in The Midlands.
  7. A good majority of the music I listen to is bands rather than solo artists.
  8. I used to be a big fangirl of The Wanted – I’ve seen them live 4 times.
  9. My favourite TV series was and still is Sherlock – I’d watch it again and again.
  10. I’m definitely a tea girl rather than coffee. Can’t beat a good Yorkshire Gold brew.
  11. I prefer to read non-fiction books rather than fiction. My recent favourite is “The Million Dollar Blog” by Natasha Courtenay-Smith.
  12. I really enjoy swimming and used to be quite successful at it during school.
  13. I also used to dance – I went to ballet, tap and gymnastics classes.
  14. Despite the algorithm, my favourite form of social media has to be Instagram.
  15. My favourite season is definitely summer. I always feel a lot happier when the weather’s warmer.
  16. The place I love to visit the most is Falmouth in Cornwall. I have so many happy memories of holidays there with my family.
  17. I once travelled to a radio station to meet the band Lawson and give them cakes with their names on (seemed really cool in 2012.)
  18. My star sign is Pisces which means I’m emotional and creative (pretty accurate).
  19. When I was younger I was always a bit of a tomboy. You’d find me kicking a football about rather than playing with dolls.
  20. If I could choose my perfect meal, it would be spaghetti carbonara with a chocolate brownie for dessert.
  21. I find the best way to clear my mind is to go for a long walk in the countryside, especially if the sun is shining.

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