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Bath City Guide: What To See And Where To Eat

by notsomousybrown

Two weeks ago, I felt very grateful to be able to stay in the beautiful city of Bath for two nights. Bath is somewhere I had been to before, but hadn’t had the chance to explore properly until now. Whilst it’s a small city, it’s a place full of history and there’s no shortage of things to see and do. Bath has some lovely places to eat out at affordable prices too, all within walking distance of anywhere you stay in the city. I wanted to share my own Bath city guide for anyone planning a post lockdown trip (which I’d definitely recommend!)

Pulteney Bridge Bath

One of the most well-known areas of Bath is Pulteney Bridge, a unique bridge with shops and cafes built into it. The bridge crosses the River Avon and the sound of the water rushing down is lovely to hear in a city centre. It’s the perfect Bath photo opportunity and makes a good starting point if you want to have a walk around the whole city and see the sights.

Not far from Pulteney Bridge is Bath Abbey, a beautiful building that stands at the heart of the city. The square at the foot of the Abbey is usually occupied by music or singing, making it a vibrant and lively area of Bath. There’s an opportunity to go inside the Abbey too, but seeing it from the outside is amazing enough and photos don’t quite do its size justice!

The Circus Bath

Bath is a hub for shopping and eating out, but venture up the hill and out of the city centre and you’ll find The Circus. This historic street, also called The King’s Circus, is a circle of beautiful houses designed by well-known architect John Wood. In the Autumn, the street looks particularly pretty with all the colourful leaves, and it’s another part of Bath that makes the perfect spot for photos.

Just round the corner from The Circus is The Royal Crescent, another well-known area of Bath and a lovely part of the city to spend time. As well as the stunning crescent of Georgian homes and a hotel, there’s the pretty Royal Victoria Park which is the perfect place to take a stroll and be away from the hustle and bustle of the city below. Both The Circus and Royal Crescent are ideal areas to explore if you want to be away from the busy shopping district in Bath and take lots of photos too!

The part of our trip that I was most looking forward to was visiting the Roman Baths. The main outdoor bath is so well-preserved and really gives a sense of what the baths would’ve looked like many years ago. I didn’t realise quite how much there was to see in the museum and we spent a good few hours walking around. There were lots of interesting things to see and read, as well as getting up close to the baths themselves and taking a behind the scenes look at how they work. I would definitely say a visit to the Roman Baths is a must!

When it came to deciding where to eat and drink in Bath, there was no shortage of places to choose from! On the first night we ate at Hall & Woodhouse, a lovely restaurant and bar with tasty, well-priced food and plenty of different drinks on offer too. I liked the laid back atmosphere of the restaurant and the staff were really friendly, so it was a lovely place to eat.

Another brilliant restaurant in Bath is The Ivy Bath Brasserie, a pretty restaurant in the perfect location right in the centre of Bath. The food was amazing and we were served so quickly and, as we went for the set menu, there was a deal to be had as well. After eating at The Ivy, we had cocktails at The Botanist which was ideally situated on the same street. We were able to order on an app and enjoy delicious cocktails all whilst making the most of the relaxed atmosphere inside.

If you’re planning to take a trip to Bath in the future, I hope this little guide to the city is helpful when planning your visit. There are plenty of lovely things to see and explore in Bath, as well as restaurants and bars to relax in. I’m really glad that I was able to visit the city this Autumn and I would love to go back in the future!

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