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Bath And Body Products I’ve Been Loving This Year *

by notsomousybrown

Taking care of my skin as a form of self care has been something I’ve wanted to do more of this year. Whether it’s a full body moisturise or a relaxing bubble bath, I’ve made sure I’ve found the time to do these things throughout each week. I’ve recently been trying out some new bath and body products so that I can really enjoy looking after my skin and having a good pamper. I wanted to share some of the brands and products that I’ve been loving so far this year, all perfect for looking after me and my skin.

Bath And Body Products

Philosophy 3-in-1 Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath – Raspberry Sorbet

This 3-in-1 product from Philosophy is a bathroom must have! I’ve always wanted to try Philosophy as a brand as their products look lush, and this shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath in one smells amazing. So far I’ve used it as a shower gel and bubble bath and it’s brilliant to have a product that is so versatile. After using it as a shower gel, my skin felt really smooth and the raspberry scent lingers afterwards too. As a bubble bath, it bubbles up nicely under running water and the raspberry scent creates a relaxing atmosphere – perfect for a good pamper!

Sanctuary Spa Marvellous Minis Gift Set

I love minis as a way of trying out new products, and these Sanctuary Spa minis are an affordable way to try Sanctuary Spa’s products. This set includes a body wash, body scrub, body lotion and bath soak, so there’s everything I need to enjoy a bit of self care. The body wash and body scrub are the perfect combination for cleansing and getting rid of any dry skin, leaving skin feeling much smoother afterwards. The body lotion smells lovely and is now my go to for a full body moisturise after a shower or bath. I love the bath soak too and the scent really does last a long time on my skin afterwards as it says on the bottle!

Bath And Body Products

Nivea Soft 200ml *

Nivea Soft is an everyday, all round product that makes skin care easy. This moisturiser can be used for the face, body and hands, and the large tub means that it’ll last a long time however it’s used. I mostly use it for my body and hands and I like that it absorbs into skin quickly and doesn’t leave it feeling greasy. This is a product I could use again and again for a full body moisturise as it leaves skin feeling so soft without having to use multiple products. I love an easy and effective approach to skincare, and Nivea Soft is definitely a product that provides me with that!

Bath And Body Products

L’Occitane Mini Body Milk & Hand Cream

L’Occitane is a brand that I love and I chose to try out some of their mini products as the full size are on the expensive side. The price of the products is definitely justified by their quailty, as both this body milk and hand cream are a little bit of luxury. The body milk has a citrus scent and a really thin consistency so it absorbs into the skin so quickly and leaves it feeling silky smooth. As I have really dry hands I’m always stocked up on hand cream, and L’Occitane’s mini hand creams are ideal for on the go when my hands need a quick, effective relief from dry skin.

All of these bath and body products have been seeing me through 2021 so far and have really helped me to take some me time and look after my skin. I would recommend them all if you want to have a good pamper and try out some new products this year!

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*Product starred is a PR product that was kindly sent to me by Nivea as I am part of the #niveafamily.

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