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6 Summer To Do’s

by notsomousybrown

With the longer days and (hopefully) warmer weather, the summer months are always the time I feel most productive. It’s also the time of year when I have the most time off work, so it’s perfect for getting lots of blog and life things done. There are a few goals I want to achieve before the end of the summer and I thought I’d write them down in a post to motivate myself. Here are 6 of my summer to do’s that I’ll hopefully be able to tick off before September comes.

Blog To Do’s

1 – Blog Revamp – I’m really happy with my blog theme, but it’s been a while since I really customised it and explored my blog’s layout. I want to make sure my theme is up to date and my blog looks the best it can be. I’m really inspired by some of the blogs I read and I think there’s more to be done with my theme to achieve my blog’s full potential.

2 – Sort Out Social Media Following – I follow quite a lot of accounts on Twitter and Instagram and, having had both platforms for a long time now, I end up seeing content that’s not necessarily relevant anymore. I really need to have a purge on my following lists and think about the content I want to see. This way, I think I’ll be able to engage more with content that inspires me and hopefully increase my own social engagement.

3 – Learn More – There are always new things to learn when it comes to the world of blogging. Even though I’ve had my blog nearly three years, I know I still have lots to learn. I really want to dedicate time over the summer to learn new things about blogging and use what I learn to build on my blogging experience.

Life To Do’s 

4 – Explore More – This year so far I’ve really enjoyed exploring both new and familiar places. I already have a trip to Cornwall planned for the summer and I’m hoping I’ll be able to explore new places in my favourite part of the country. During the rest of the summer, I want to make the most of the long days and explore as much as I can in this country. There are so many hidden gems right on our doorstep and the summer is the best time to embrace them.

5 – Read More – I recently shared some of the reasons I want to read more on the blog here, and I want to carry on reading over the summer. I find reading very relaxing and it’s hard to beat sitting out in the sunshine with a good book. If I can do this rather than scrolling aimlessly through social media, that’s a summer better spent!

6 – Redecorate – At the start of the year I said I wanted to have a redesign of my bedroom and, with more time off work in the summer, I think that’s when I’ll get it done. I want to change the colour scheme and some of the decor in my room, as it’s looked the same for a few years now. A trip to IKEA (or two) will definitely be on the cards!

Do you have any to do’s for the summer months?

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