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5 Ways I Look After My Skin

by notsomousybrown

I’ve always had really sensitive skin and I was very prone to breakouts in my teenage years. Now that I’ve reached my 20s, I have learnt how to keep my skin happy, healthy and clear most of the time. To do this, I had to try and work out what it was that would benefit my skin the most. I thought I’d share five ways that I look after my skin and how I’ve changed some of the products I use to better suit my complexion.

1 – Washing my makeup brushes

I definitely didn’t used to wash my makeup brushes often enough and that had an effect on my skin. It’s a time consuming task and one that requires a bit of motivation, but keeping my makeup brushes clean really does help my skin. Also, I find freshly cleaned makeup brushes easier to use than ones which have a build up of makeup, as the makeup goes on my face a lot easier. I use the makeup brush cleaner by Superdrug’s own brand B. as it’s antibacterial and the spray pump makes it easy to apply to my brushes without using too much product.

2 – Choosing the right foundation

Liquid foundation never really worked for my skin. It always seemed to react badly no matter which brand I tried. I came across Lily Lolo’s Mineral Foundation in the form of a powder, and I much prefer it to any other foundation I’ve used before. The foundation is completely natural, so there’s nothing in it that will harm my skin, and the texture is light so my pores don’t feel clogged up when it’s on my face. Finding a foundation that works for me has really helped to prevent my skin from breaking out.

3- Choosing the right moisturiser

I found it very difficult to find a moisturiser that my skin liked, as most were too thick and made my skin feel greasy. I’d read good reviews of La Roche Posay’s Effaclar Duo (+) and, since I first bought it, I’ve never looked back! It specifically targets blemishes and red marks whilst still moisturising the skin, and over time it really has made a difference to my skin. It’s on the slightly more expensive side, but it’s an investment I’m willing to make to keep my skin healthy.

4 – Eating less sugar

This is a tip I haven’t quite perfected myself, but I do notice my skin becoming worse if I’ve had a week of eating lots of refined sugar. I haven’t cut sugar out of my diet completely as that’s not so easy to do (although possible), but I do try to stay away from eating lots of sugary foods in one go. Fizzy drinks are packed with sugar and one of the worst offenders, so I avoid these as far as possible. Drinking water instead to stay hydrated really helps my skin, so I like to make sure I’ve drank enough throughout the day.

5 – Fresh air

This sounds like a cliché but, if I’ve had a few days of very little fresh air, my skin suffers as a result. Even just taking a short walk does my skin a favour, and I notice that my complexion looks better after some fresh air. I try to get out and about most days both for my skin and my health, and it gives me a good break if I’ve been blogging all day!

If you have sensitive skin like mine, I hope some of these tips will work for you just as well as they have for me. As I found out, making small changes can make a big difference!

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