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5 Ways I’ve Improved My Instagram For Blogging

by notsomousybrown

Instagram For BloggingEven though Instagram has had its ups and downs, it’s still my favourite social media to use for my blog. I can see from when I first started blogging that my Instagram game has improved and I’ve really tried hard this year to keep it up. I’ve got into a good routine with Instagram and know what I need to post and when. I thought I’d share 5 ways I have upped my Instagram game recently, all simple things that I think can make a big difference!

1 – Using the whole photo

For a few years, I would always post only square images on Instagram, which meant cropping out parts of the original iPhone-sized photo. I realised after a while that posting the whole image usually looks better and gives more of a perspective of the photo I was sharing. I now post full-sized images nearly all the time, especially with outfit photos as it means I don’t have to crop things out. Also, posting the full photo means that it takes up more space on other users’ feeds, so your image is harder to ignore and more likely to be engaged with!

Instagram For Blogging2 – Posting more outfit photos

Looking at how many likes and comments my photos were getting, I noticed that my outfits almost always got the most. I think that for the users that follow me, who are mostly other bloggers, outfit photos are the easiest to engage with, and I would say I engage more with outfit photos myself. This won’t be the case for all Instagram users, as it depends who your main audience is, so I’d say looking at what kind of content is getting you the most engagement is the content to focus on creating. For me, half of the photos I post are outfits, so this is what my followers would now expect.

3 – Keeping stories constant

This may sound like an obvious one, but it really does make a difference. I know that when I click on the Instagram app, the first thing I’m drawn to is the stories. Seeing live, up to date visuals of what people are doing is interesting and lets other users know more about you and what you do day to day. I try to have something on my story all the time as it keeps others interested in my profile but also tells Instagram that I’m active, boosting my content higher up on other users’ feeds.

4 – Flatlay props

I don’t have a huge collection of props to use in my blog photos, but I’ve found that keeping it simple and similar works best. Using the same few items in my indoor product photos makes my Instagram feed look more consistent and means the images fit together nicely. Simple items mean that the images aren’t cluttered either, so the focus is on the products in the photo rather than everything else that’s included in the image.

5 – Content specific hashtags

It’s easy to use the same hashtags over and over, but when I realised how many images there were when I searched certain hashtags, it’s almost not worth using them. It’s easier than I first thought to find more content specific hashtags that are not so commonly used. For example, when I searched for “#nails”, a whole range of more specific tags such as “#nailsbeauty” and “#nailsgram” appeared. Using more specific hashtags means that your photo is more likely to be seen by other users who are looking for something specific, rather than being lost in all the images associated with common hashtags like “#nails”.

I hope that some of these simple tips are helpful if you use Instagram for blogging. I am by no means an expert, I just like to share some of the things I learn as I continue blogging. Writing them down is a good reminder for me to keep up with what I’m doing too!

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