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5 Things To Do In Milan

by notsomousybrown
Duomo Milan

Milan MilanAs you’ve probably seen from the Instagram spam, last week my boyfriend and I travelled to Milan for a 3 night break in the city. Even though Milan is a fairly big city, we managed to see and do everything we wanted to with a trip to Lake Como thrown in too. Like most city breaks, if you plan your trip well, you can make the most of your time spent in any city. Luckily, we found that everything we wanted to see in Milan was walk-able and didn’t have to trek further than half an hour from our hotel. I thought I’d share 5 things that we did in Milan – all must do’s if you’re planning a trip to the city!

Duomo Milan1 – Duomo Rooftop

The Duomo di Milano is the city’s beautiful cathedral and, though it looks magnificent from the ground, taking a trip to the rooftop is a must. The tickets to take the stairs up to the rooftop were reasonably priced at 13 euros and allowed us to access the main entrance to the cathedral as well as all the rooftop areas. I’m not a fan of heights, but being on the rooftop of the Duomo was an amazing experience, with spectacular views over the city. Being on the rooftop also meant we could see parts of the cathedral up close, with plenty of opportunities to take photos of the beautiful details. Tickets for rooftop access at the Duomo are available here.

2 – Galleria Vittorio Emanuele

This stunning shopping centre right next to the Duomo is famous for its designer shops and incredible architecture. The ceiling of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele is a must see and photos don’t quite do it justice. With the likes of Gucci and Prada in this unique shopping centre, window shopping was our only plan and we didn’t fancy trying to be let into any of the designer shops. Even without the money to spend, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele is still worth visiting and another brilliant Instagram-able location in Milan’s fashion hub.

3 – Sforzesco Castle

The Sforzesco Castle of Milan wasn’t on our list of things to see, we sort of accidentally came across it as we were exploring the city. The castle is much larger than you would think considering it’s not far from the centre of Milan, with a large courtyard surrounded by the castle walls. I thought the courtyard was a relaxing place to sit, as it was quite quiet and away from the main hustle and bustle of the city. Sempione Park is also right next to the castle and is a lovely place to have a walk, especially in the Autumn with all the colourful leaves.

4 – Apple Piazza Liberty

One of Milan’s many piazzas is home to Apple’s impressive underground store, with a glass entrance and fountain to welcome you in. Even if you don’t plan on taking away any Apple goods, the store is worth venturing into as it’s unlike any other Apple store. The area around the Apple Piazza Liberty is home to many more affordable shops too, such as Pull&Bear, Sephora and Zara, so lots of opportunities to enjoy browsing the shops and finding items that might not be available in the UK.

5 – Have A Pizza

This may sound like a cliché for a trip to Italy, but I’d definitely recommend trying a proper Italian pizza when in Milan. We went to the Bioesseri Milano Brera restaurant on our first night and the pizza was delicious. The traditional Italian pizzas were made with a range of different doughs and there was even a gluten free option (which I tried) that was really yummy. The pizza alone filled us both up and was a reasonable price, so we got both value for money and a very tasty dinner.

So, if you’re planning a trip to Milan, expect to see amazing architecture, have a browse of the shops and enjoy some tasty, homemade Italian food!

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