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4 Years Of Blogging: What I’ve Worked On This Year

by notsomousybrown

The end of September always marks another year since I first started blogging, and 2020 is the 4 year anniversary of my blog. When I first made my blog, I honestly wouldn’t have thought I’d still be posting on it as regularly as I do 4 years later. I often talk about my blog goals and how I’m doing with achieving them, and I think the unusual circumstances of 2020 have meant that I’ve worked on my blog more than I have done in previous years. So, to mark 4 years of blogging, I wanted to share 4 things that I’ve focused on this year and how I’ve improved my blogging as a result.

4 Years Blogging

1 – Planning

For me, planning is such an important part of blogging, as it means I can manage what I need to do without feeling overwhelmed. As blogging isn’t my job and is still more of a hobby for me, I don’t want to pile on the pressure and give myself too much to do. I find that the further I plan ahead, the more I can get done in a shorter space of time, for example writing more posts or bulk taking photos. I think it’s something that I’ve really kept on top of this year and the lockdown period really helped me to plan way ahead.

2 – Photo Editing

This is something that I really struggled with when I first started blogging as it was all completely new to me. At the start of this year, I started using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for free (and wrote a post about it too!), and this really changed the way that I edited photos. For starters, it made the editing process a whole lot easier, as I can now edit on my phone as well as my laptop. The app also does wonders for my photos and has really improved the quality, so I know I can get the most out of any photo even if the original isn’t great.

3 – Consistency

I can’t remember how many times I’ve mentioned consistency in a post, but 2020 has by far been my most consistent year. I think I’ve managed to keep both my blog and social accounts working well side by side so that they are always up to date, from Instagram stories and scheduling tweets to writing and editing blog posts. I think planning ahead and consistency go hand in hand, as I now have a clear idea of what being consistent means to me in terms of blog and social media posts.

4 – Enjoyment

I blog because I enjoy it, and I think in my 4 years of blogging this has been the most enjoyable year yet. If something is a hobby it has to be enjoyable, so I’ve really worked on realising that I do this because I really like writing and creating. I think always remembering why I started blogging in the first place helps me to improve in all the other ways I’ve talked about, and hopefully means I’ll be doing these anniversary posts for a few more years yet!

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