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3 Years Of Blogging

by notsomousybrown

On this day 3 years ago, my first blog post went live and I started my journey as a blogger. At that point, I didn’t know where blogging would take me or for how long I would have my blog. Luckily, I am still blogging and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon! Over the past 3 years I have learnt a lot about all aspects of blogging and, looking back on old content, I can see how I’ve improved. So I thought I’d write a positive post and talk about 3 things I think have improved in my 3 years of blogging, as well as how I plan to carry on improving.

3 Years Of Blogging1 – Photography

Looking back at my first blog and Instagram photos, I can see that editing was something I was unsure of. I hardly edited photos at all, so they were quite dark and dull. The revelation of photo editing using Photoshop is one way I have improved my blog photos, as light, bright images are a must for me. I’ve also learnt that natural lighting is everything, and sometimes the light just isn’t right for photo taking on certain days. The one thing I do hope to have in the future is a DSLR camera to take blog and social media photos with, not only to improve my content but also to learn a new skill.

2 – Consistency

I’ve talked a lot about consistency in previous blog posts and being consistent was one of my goals for this year. Generally, I think I have been consistent with content this year and it’s something I’ve improved on since I first started my blog. Instagram stories were invented in the time I’ve been blogging and I’ve noticed that keeping them consistent has helped with my engagement. Managing consistency is something I’ve got better at too, as it’s not just about the blog posts, but the social content I share as well. To carry on improving, I think I need to make sure my content plan is realistic, as sometimes I find I plan too much and find my consistency lacks when I become overwhelmed!

3 Years Of Blogging3 – Style Of Writing

Reading some of my first blog posts makes me realise how my writing style has changed. I’m not saying my first posts were bad, but I can see how my choice of words and the content of my writing has improved. I find it much easier now to tap out a blog post and, even though I check and edit each one, I’m usually happy with my writing style in a post. I think reading is a big part of helping with word choice and flow of writing, so to keep on improving I’ll make sure I’m always reading, whether it’s a book, a news article or other blog posts!

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