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24 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

by notsomousybrown

Sometimes the hardest part of blogging is thinking up new blog post ideas for a few months in advance. There have been times when I’ve been really stuck and have had to search for blog post ideas that work for my blog. Those kinds of posts can be really helpful, especially for a lifestyle blog like mine that covers lots of different topics. As it’s my birthday tomorrow and I’m turning 24 (which I can’t quite believe!), I wanted to share 24 lifestyle blog post ideas for a range of different categories, all of which help me if I’m ever stuck for content ideas!

Fashion Ideas:

1 – Share your outfit of the day/night

2 – Talk about 2 or 3 ways to style one particular item

3 – Style 2 or 3 similar items in one post e.g. skirts

4 – Share your collection of an item e.g. summer dresses

5 – Make a fashion wishlist of items you might want to buy

Blog Post Ideas

Beauty Ideas:

6 – Share your everyday skincare routine for the morning/evening

7 – Talk about your go to everyday makeup items

8 – Write a roundup of your favourite items from a specific makeup/beauty brand

9 – Create an evening makeup look and write about the products you used

10 – A roundup of some of your favourite bodycare items for the season

Lifestyle Ideas:

11 – Write about your top 5 ways to relax and unwind

12 – Share your tips about something that’s happening in your life right now e.g. buying a car

13 – Let your readers get to know you by sharing a list of facts about yourself

14 – Share some of the things that you are grateful for or that make you feel positive

15 – Talk about some of your favourite interior/homeware pieces and where they are from

Blogging Ideas:

16 – Share some of your blogging knowledge on different topics e.g. SEO

17 – Talk about social media and how to make the most of using different platforms to promote blog posts

18 – Write about your blogging goals for the year and how you’re going to achieve them

19 – Share how you plan your blog and social media content and what works best for you

Blog Post Ideas

Travel Ideas:

20 – Write about a trip to a specific place either in the UK or abroad

21 – Share your travel bucket list/where you want to visit after lockdown

22 – Talk about some of your packing essentials and suitcase must haves

23 – Write a review of a restaurant/tourist attraction from a trip you’ve been on

24 – Share 3 places you’d love to go back to in the future and why

I hope that some of these blog post ideas might be helpful if you’re ever struggling for ideas. I will definitely be coming back to this post myself if I’m ever having a creative blip!

For more posts about blogging, take a look at my blogging category.

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