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20 Goals For 2020

by notsomousybrown

The start of a new year (and decade!) always prompts me to think about my goals for the year ahead. I think in previous years I’ve set myself big goals that were difficult to measure (see 2019’s goals here). As it’s 2020, I’ve decided to set myself 20 goals for the year that are measurable and achievable and that I can easily reflect back on come the end of the year. By sharing them on my blog as I usually do, I’m hoping it’ll motivate me more to go for my goals. As you’ll see, some of them aren’t all that difficult to achieve either!

Blog Goals:

1 – Reach 1,800 followers on Instagram: Looking at my total now, that doesn’t seem like many more followers. With Instagram’s current algorithm though, I’ve been stuck on the same amount for so long, so I just want to reach that next small milestone.

2 – Rewrite my ‘About Me’ page: This has been something I’ve been meaning to do for a while now. The sooner I can get this done the better, as I think my ‘About Me’ page can reflect my reasons for blogging a lot better!

3 – Use DSLR more for photos: My boyfriend recently invested in a DSLR and I’m keen to use it more for blog and Instagram photos. I used it a little last year and I could definitely see a difference in the quality.

4 – Customise my blog’s layout and appearance: I’d like to look more closely at how I can customise my blog’s theme in different ways. I definitely think I can improve my site’s appearance, so I’ll be working on that this year.

5 – Reach 100 page likes on Facebook: Like Instagram, this isn’t a huge increase for my page. It’s another small milestone I’d like to reach and one that could definitely help with blog engagement.

2020 Goals6 – Fix the Instagram slider widget: The Instagram slider widget on my blog hasn’t been working for a while now, so fixing it is something I’ll be doing ASAP in 2020!

7 – Archive old posts: Some of my older blog posts are not so relevant to my blog now, so I’d like to move them to my archive page and make room for fresh content.

8 – Schedule tweets every day: I find that I do get engagement from sharing my posts on Twitter, so I’d like to make sure I keep up with daily scheduling this year.

9 – Read up on Pinterest for blogging: I wasn’t great at keeping up with Pinterest towards the end of last year. I really want to learn even more about how I can maximise using Pinterest for my blog.

10 – Read up on SEO: I know I can do more to improve the SEO of my blog posts, so learning more about that this year should help with the success of my posts. (Blog post on this on the way in 2020!)

Lifestyle Goals:

11 – Buy less clothes: Over the last few years, I’ve been a bit of a clothes hoarder. I’ve already cleared out my wardrobe at the very start of this year and I really want to embrace the clothes I already have and find new ways to style them.

12 – Swim once a week: I’m carrying this goal on from last year, but hoping I will have more success with it this year. I love swimming which is motivation enough for me to go!

13 – Read 12 books: If I can read one new book each month, I can achieve this easily. I’m not the quickest reader but I think this is an achievable number for me.

14 – Write down positives: At the end of each week, I want to write down at least 3 positive things that happened. I can look back at them when I’m feeling less positive and realise what I have achieved.

15 – Make different healthy lunches: It’s easy to get bored of having the same thing for lunch every day. I want to discover at least 2 new recipes a month and try out a variety of healthy lunch ideas.

2020 Goals16 – Take vitamin D daily: I know for a fact that I have more energy when the sun is shining. So, especially during the short Winter days when there’s little sun, taking a vitamin D supplement should help keep my energy levels up.

17 – Walk twice a week outdoors: Taking a walk in the fresh air has so many benefits and I’ve definitely neglected doing that recently. Two walks a week is easily achievable and is brilliant for the mind and body.

18 – Self-care once a week: Taking care of myself every day is important, but at least once a week I’d like to take self-care one step further. Simple things like taking a long bubble bath, using a face mask or doing my nails are things I don’t always have time for, but will make time for in 2020!

19 – Travel to 6 new places: I’m counting both the UK and abroad in this, and I think 6 is an achievable number taking into account work and holidays. I’ve been to lots of places in the UK, so I really want to think of a few new places to visit on home turf.

20 – Finish revamping my bedroom: I’ve been on a mission to revamp my bedroom for a while now. I’ve already started this year and I know by the end of 2020 I’ll have it looking just how I want it!

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