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2 Ways To Style Stripy Trousers

by notsomousybrown

I’ve been very thankful for the weather this week as it’s meant I can really start to wear my Summer wardrobe. One thing that I often find myself reaching for at this time of year is a pair of stripy trousers, as I think they make a nice alternative to the blue denim I often wear. I currently own two pairs and they’re a lot more versatile than they seem. I wanted to share two ways that I style my stripy trousers for the Summer, both ideal for the warmer weather we’re having now!

Stripy Trousers

For my first outfit, I chose to style these grey and white trousers from Pull&Bear that I like to wear all year round. They’re perfect for the Summer as they’re cut off at the bottom and the material isn’t too thick for hotter days. Here, I wore them with a grey logo t-shirt and jute wedges, both also from Pull&Bear. I like the full grey and white look and this outfit is one that can easily be taken from day to night. These trousers go with just about any colour t-shirt and they are so easy to dress up or down too.

Stripy Trousers

My second outfit also includes a pair of trousers from Pull&Bear, and this orange stripy pair come out of my wardrobe every Summer. The material is much more lightweight than the first pair, so they’re great for wearing on a hot day when jeans are a no go. Even though they’re orange, I have quite a few tops that go with them, and here I paired them with an orange vest from New Look, a denim jacket and my Converse. This is a daytime look that I love for the Summer and it works without the denim jacket too if it’s a really hot day.

Stripy trousers are a brilliant item for the Summer and I definitely wouldn’t be without mine. I found some lovely summery ones on Pull&Bear’s website that I think would be just as versatile as these two. Hopefully the weather stays warm so I can wear both of these pairs lots over the next few months!

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