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St Tropez Express Starter Kit

by notsomousybrown

I don’t usually self tan and I’m all for embracing my pale skin all year round. However, when I’ve been in the sun, I’ve noticed my arms will very subtly tan, leaving my legs a different colour. I wanted to try out a self tan that would give my legs a very subtle glow without it being obvious that I’d used any products. I thought I’d try St Tropez’s Express Starter Kit, as the mini products meant that I didn’t have to spend too much to give it a try (only £15.00).

The kit comes with a Tan Enhancing Body Polish, which I used the day before tanning to get rid of any dry skin. The polish left my legs feeling really smooth, which I knew would make applying the tan easier. Also in the kit was a Tan Enhancing Body Moisturiser – perfect for dry areas like my ankles and knees and another good base before using the tan itself. I think both of these products really did help to prepare my skin for using the tan as they made sure it was really smooth, making the tan less likely to streak.

St Tropez’s Express Mousse and a Tan Applicator Mitt complete the kit and, with the Express Mousse, you’re able to choose how light or dark your tan is depending on how many hours you leave it on for. I liked the addition of the applicator mitt as it made applying the tanning mousse a lot easier. The mousse doesn’t have a nasty fake tan smell and the consistency is quite foamy, so it didn’t lay thick on my skin.

The main negative of the mousse is that it dries very quickly and I found that I had to work hard to rub it in to make sure I didn’t have any streaks. If the tan isn’t rubbed in well enough, I could see it becoming patchy and uneven. Despite this, I think if the tan is rubbed in evenly, the end result is brilliant! The colour I ended up with was really natural looking and there weren’t any streaks, showing that as long as the tan is rubbed in quickly, it can work perfectly fine.

I left the tan on my legs for an hour before washing it off with warm water. The colour continued to develop for 8 hours and my tan was really subtle, exactly what I wanted! It gave my legs a lovely summery glow without making them look darker than the rest of my skin.

Overall, I would definitely recommend St Tropez’s Express Starter Kit, as I think it gave me a natural looking colour and the products included in the kit are good value for money. If it’s your first time trying self tan, this is the ideal starter kit, whether you want a subtle tan like mine or a darker one (just leave the mousse on longer if you want this!) This kit has made me realise that self tan doesn’t have to look fake and I can achieve a natural looking summer glow without damaging my pale skin in the sun.

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