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Reworked Tops And How I Style Them

by notsomousybrown
Reworked Tops

The idea of reworked tops is something that I’ve always been interested in but never tried myself. I’m all for making the most of the clothes that I already own, even if they’re old, and one way of doing this is by reworking them. I realised that there were a few dresses and playsuits in my wardrobe that I hadn’t worn in ages, but I loved the material too much to get rid of them. There were two items in particular that I thought could be easily changed into tops, so that’s what I did! I wanted to share two outfits that I’ve created using reworked tops, both of which were so easy to change into something new.

The reworked top in my first outfit used to be a dress from an independent shop and had a gathering quite a way above the waist. To make this top, I simply cut off most of the skirt of the dress, leaving just a small amount to create a peplum style top. The dress used to have gold buttons at the top, which I changed to black as I thought it would go better with the top. The material is lovely and silky and it cut so easily, and I can’t believe how much this looks like it was a top all along!

Here, I paired the reworked top with black jeans, a faux leather jacket and heeled boots to create an outfit that would be ideal for a Winter evening out. The top has short sleeves and a floral print, so will transition nicely into the Spring too. I think it could also work as a casual piece if it was worn with trainers, so I’m really happy with how versatile this top can be.

For my second outfit, I styled this reworked top which used to be a playsuit. This top was a little trickier to rework as the playsuit had a zip all the way down the side which couldn’t be cut through. To get round this, I managed to cut off the shorts of the playsuit, leaving the zip attached so that it could still be used to do up the top. This top has ended up with a much more uneven cut at the bottom, so I always have to wear it tucked in so this can’t be seen!

This is definitely a top I’d wear more in the evening, so I styled it with black jeans and black heeled boots. The jeans are high-waisted so that I have enough room to tuck in the top without the uneven part being seen. I’m so glad I turned this old playsuit into a top as it’s now become my go to evening top for the Winter and the silky, blue material makes it a different style for me.

If you find any old dresses or playsuits in your wardrobe that haven’t been worn for ages, reworking them into a top is definitely something I’d recommend. I now have two new tops that I can’t wait to wear out when we can, all without having to spend a penny!

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