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by notsomousybrown

Until last month, I’d never been to a music festival before. If I don’t count small, local festivals, it was something I hadn’t experienced up until now. This summer I was determined to change that, so along with a couple of friends we decided to go to Love Supreme festival in Sussex (aka the middle of nowhere). Love Supreme is a jazz festival that takes place every year in the village of Glynde, a pretty little place that once a year welcomes thousands of people for the festival. Whilst jazz isn’t a style of music that I listen to much, I’m pretty open to listening to different styles of music, so I looked forward to discovering new bands and artists that I’d not heard of.

Having embarked on a journey of multiple trains, a taxi and uphill walks, we finally made it to the town of Lewes, our home for the next few days. With all of us being first time festival-goers, we were lucky enough to stay at my friend’s relative’s house for the weekend, saving us from the joys of camping. From there, we had to take another train followed by a tractor and trailer ride (it really was in the middle of nowhere) before we finally reached the festival.

As a first festival, I’d say this is the perfect choice. For a start the festival site itself wasn’t too massive so it was easy to remember where all the good food and drink sellers were (including four totally vegan stalls). Also, if we decided to move between tents, we didn’t have to walk for miles every time. The festival is also great for families as there was an area specifically for kids as well as fairground rides. We all agreed that the people both running the festival and attending it were overall really helpful and chilled out, which made the whole festival atmosphere brilliant.

The most important part of any festival is the music. I haven’t mentioned yet that one of the headliners was The Jacksons, who performed an outstanding set featuring all the classics. At their ages, I was very impressed that the original dance moves were still going strong and, for me, they were the standout show of the weekend. But The Jacksons aside, there were other great bands and performers throughout the whole weekend, including Nao who brought more of a soul/R&B vibe which I really liked.

After being at the festival all day on the Saturday, we managed to keep going until 2am so we could enjoy the Blue In Green Bar and late night DJ sets in the different tents (highly recommended). Our Sunday morning then started off with a yoga class at the festival, which really was the perfect way to stretch out after being on our feet for 15 hours the day before. All these added extras made this an even quirkier festival experience and one that I won’t forget.

To find out more about Love Supreme take a look at their website here. If you’ve never been to a festival before and are looking for a unique experience, then Love Supreme is definitely worth considering.

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Jenny 3rd August 2017 - 9:40 am

I’ve never been to a festival – they’re not really my thing! I did have tickets to Reading one year but I sold them after the line up was announced and there were basically no bands I liked on it. It was far too much money to waste. But I’m kinda glad that did happen because that would have been my first ever festival and tbh, I think it would have been too much and too overwhelming as a first! xxx


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