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Lily Lolo Mineral Makeup

by notsomousybrown

img_3153img_3167I’ve always had sensitive skin, so when it comes to buying makeup, this is something I have to keep in mind. A few years ago I came across Lily Lolo and noticed that their makeup was tailored specifically for sensitive skin. They focus on producing mineral makeup which is not only good for the skin but also economical and long lasting. Lily Lolo’s mineral foundation and concealer are both items I have relied on for a few years now. All their products are made in the UK and I must say my deliveries are always on time. I decided to try out some more of their products as I was confident they’d live up to expectations!

Mineral Foundation

Once I’d tried out Lily Lolo’s Mineral Foundation, there was no going back! It contains 100% natural ingredients so I know that my skin will always be kept healthy. Because the foundation is in powder form, the coverage is amazing, and the light formula means that it can be easily layered. I use the “China Doll” shade which works perfectly to even out my skin tone.

Mineral Concealer

Before discovering Lily Lolo I would never have thought of using a mineral concealer. However, I find that using this concealer with a brush to cover blemishes is the most effective method. I use the “Barely Beige” shade to cover any blemishes or dark circles, and again the coverage just can’t be beaten.


To apply the foundation and concealer, I use the Powder Brush and Concealer Brush. The Powder Brush is large and soft, so provides maximum coverage without having to use a lot of foundation. I found that the Concealer Brush was a little larger than I expected, but it covers blemishes well and is perfect for use under the eyes.


Sometimes applying concealer on its own doesn’t always do the job you want it to. This Corrector works wonders at covering up any particularly red areas! I use the “Blush Away” shade as I think the green powder brilliantly neutralises any redness. Taking a little time to use a small amount of corrector really can make all the difference and I know the product itself will last me a while.

img_3156img_3165Mineral Blush

I have very pale skin, so when it came to finding a blush I wanted one that would just add a little pink to my cheeks. The lightweight consistency of this blush means that I can gradually build up the coverage without using too much powder. I use the “Doll Face” shade, the perfect pinky tone for my skin!

Natural Lip Pencil

If you’re looking for a lip pencil that really does define the lips, look no further! I love how smooth this lip pencil is and it really does help to keep my lipstick in place throughout the day and well into the evening. I use the “Soft Nude” shade as it works well with any colour of lipstick.

These are the products I’ve tried and tested so far and I definitely wouldn’t say no to adding more to my Lily Lolo collection!

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