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Lily Lolo Summer Must Haves

by notsomousybrown

With summer now in full swing, it’s time to make sure that my makeup won’t be melting off my face over the next few months. I’ve been thinking about my summer makeup essentials and, if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that one of my favourite brands is Lily Lolo. I love their natural makeup that contains no nasties and they have loads of brilliant summer products that I wanted to share. Here are 5 Lily Lolo items that I’ll be using this summer, all perfect for even the hottest of days!

1 – Makeup Mist

An absolute must for a hot day, Lily Lolo’s Makeup Mist is my number one summer product. When I spray this over my makeup, I instantly feel refreshed and I know that the mist will keep my makeup in place. The mist dries really nicely and stops makeup from smudging in the heat. With just a few sprays, I know that I’ll have long lasting makeup and won’t have to worry about topping it up throughout the day.

2 – Eye Primer

If I forget to use eye primer on a summer’s day, I know about it! My eyeshadow won’t last long before it’s started to melt away. Lily Lolo’s Eye Primer is perfect for keeping my eyeshadow in place. It makes applying eyeshadow much easier as it helps it stick to my eyelids, meaning that I don’t have to use as much eyeshadow. The primer really is the best base and it’s brilliant for hiding any dark areas around eyes too!

3 – Natural Mascara

A thick, runny mascara is not ideal for this time of year, and that’s why I’ve been using Lily Lolo’s Natural Mascara. Because of its natural ingredients, the mascara doesn’t irritate my eyes and dries quickly – ideal on a hot day. The mascara lengthens lashes and adds volume with just a few strokes, and I like the shape of the brush as it makes application easy and reaches even the tricky corner lashes.

4 – Illuminator

I wrote a full post about Lily Lolo’s Illuminator not long ago here, and it’s still one of my essentials for the summer! I use the shade “rosé” and it just gives my cheekbones a nice, subtle shimmer. When the sun’s out I can really see the highlighter at work, and I only need to use a small amount of product to achieve a good glow. Although this is more of an investment, it’s definitely one worth making to add a bit extra to your makeup routine this summer.

5 – Natural Lipstick

A pink lip is a must for a summer evening out, and my go-to is Lily Lolo’s Natural Lipstick in shade “romantic rose”. I love the bright pink colour and the staying power of this lipstick is excellent. Because of how creamy it is, the lipstick keeps my lips moisturised too – ideal on a warmer day. Lily Lolo also have vegan lipsticks in lovely, summery shades here, making them accessible to all!

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