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Floral Jumpsuit

by notsomousybrown

I’ve been looking for a jumpsuit for ages and had almost given up on finding one. As I’m not very tall, I found it hard to find a jumpsuit that wasn’t too long and fitted me well. I took a bit of a gamble when I found this floral jumpsuit on ASOS as I couldn’t try it on, but I could see that it was a shape I liked. Luckily, I found that it fit me brilliantly and I now have something different to wear this summer.

It was quite hard to tell from buying online what the material was, but I soon found out that it’s one of the comfiest materials I’ve come across. Even though the material seems quite casual, the jumpsuit wouldn’t look out of place at a more “dressed up” event. The v-neck shape does come down quite low but it holds well and means it’s really cool on a sunny day.

Here, I’ve kept the jumpsuit casual with a pair of rope sandals and sunglasses. For an alternative daytime look, it also works well with a pair of trainers. I always knew that if I was to buy a jumpsuit, it would have a floral pattern, so this one is just what I was looking for.

To dress this up for an evening, I would turn up the legs and throw on a pair of heels. A winning feature of this jumpsuit is that it has pockets, so perfect if you don’t fancy carrying a bag around. Another great feature is the elasticated waist, which is really comfy especially for all day wear.

I found this floral jumpsuit in the ASOS sale and there are loads of different shapes and styles still in the sale here. I like finding items like this from ASOS as they have such a good range and styles to suit everyone. My jumpsuit was reduced to £25 and there are many others around this price on ASOS right now. If you’re struggling to find the perfect summer jumpsuit like I was, I’d definitely head to ASOS and take a look at their range!

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