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by notsomousybrown

img_3479Sometimes you don’t have to go far to find a unique, relaxed place to eat and drink. Bacco Lounge is a restaurant, café and bar all in one in my hometown, Rugby, and it’s definitely the place to go! Aside from what’s on offer on the menu, “Bacco” (as it’s known around here) has a homely atmosphere which is easily felt as soon as you walk inside. I especially like to visit at night time as the tables are dotted with candles which really adds to the chilled atmosphere. The lounge is decorated in an art deco style and has a mixture of quirky furniture and old style paintings on the walls, not to mention the flamboyant wallpaper.

img_3482-2img_3507One of the fab things about Bacco Lounge is that it offers restaurant-style food which is ordered at the bar, so you can go up and order whenever you like. From brunch (served all day) and paninis to burgers and salads, there’s plenty of choice at whatever time of day you visit. If you just fancy something sweet, the lounge is the perfect relaxed place to enjoy a cake and a catch up with friends.

I like that there’s such a variety on the menu and it caters for everybody. The lounge offers tapas (highly recommended) as well as vegetarian and vegan options such as Avocado Brunch and Miso Salad. There’s even the choice to have a pot of fries or simply some toast at breakfast time. The options really are endless!

img_3487img_3500It would be wrong to talk about Bacco Lounge without mentioning their cocktail menu. My friends and I have enjoyed many a night out with a pitcher of cocktail (or several), spending hours at a time sitting and chatting away. At night, the lounge turns itself nicely into a lively bar (whilst still serving food), offering a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages throughout the evening. If you enjoy a glass or two of wine (who doesn’t?), then there’s a good choice of red, white and rosé on the drinks menu too.

The last time we visited Bacco, we chose the Breakfast Muffin (my favourite) from the brunch menu and a Pulled Pork Panini. The egg, bacon and sausage patty were cooked perfectly and the pulled pork filling in the panini was very tasty. From the drinks menu we chose a Sherbert Lemonade, a Bacco Lounge classic which is the perfect mix of sweet and sour, and a small Cappuccino which was equally delicious. The prices of all of these were very reasonable and we were served quickly even though the lounge was pretty full at the time.

img_3491img_3494If you’re ever in the area, I would definitely recommend a visit to Bacco Lounge! The food and drink on offer and the style of serving makes it a versatile and relaxed place to eat and drink with family or friends whenever you choose. Other than the excellent food, the quirky decor and friendly feel is definitely something which is unique and hard to find in similar eateries or bars in the area. For more info, visit their website here.

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Gemma 24th October 2016 - 12:28 pm

This looks like a really cool place. Gemma x


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