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ASK Italian: Warwick

by notsomousybrown

A couple of weeks ago I took a trip with the family to Warwick, a pretty, historic town not far from where we live. The headline attraction as you walk into town is the magnificent Warwick Castle, surrounded by immaculate grounds and the picturesque River Avon. Warwick is also characterised by its smart, independent shopfronts (with the absence of a normal high street) and traditional buildings, all of which make it the perfect location for a relaxed day out.

Our first thought when we arrived at Warwick was food and, after a short walk into town, we came across a quiet looking ASK Italian restaurant. Italian food has to be my favourite, so I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed by the menu they had to offer. Having only been to an ASK Italian once before, I was keen to have another try of their offerings. What stands out with this particular restaurant is how airy and light it is, as well as the friendly staff who seated us straight away. Looking at the menu, I could’ve chosen pretty much anything! For someone who loves Italian, I really was spoilt for choice.

From the excellent range of dishes on offer, I chose the Linguine Carbonara, a meal that is one of my favourites. As carbonaras go, this has to be one of the nicest I’ve tasted. The linguine pasta works perfectly in the dish and the helpful waitresses came over to top the plate up with extra cheese and Parmesan. Even though the dish was pretty large, I managed to finish it all because it was just so delicious. Washing it down with a glass of Limonata was a lovely way to end the meal.

With the welcoming atmosphere, friendly staff and scrumptious food, it’s not difficult for me to recommend ASK Italian. Our food was served quickly and was of excellent quality, and the prices were not unreasonable considering the size of the dishes. This particular restaurant was noticeably clean, tidy and spacious, making it a lovely place for a spot of lunch or a relaxing evening dinner.

Whilst visiting Warwick, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to take a few snaps of the castle. What makes Warwick Castle special is that it brings the history of the place right up to date with the tours, shows and displays that it offers. There’s even the opportunity to stay in themed lodges in the castle grounds, an experience which really does set Warwick Castle apart from the rest.

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